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Youth Fest”   celebration  at Dnyanada

This year on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhashchandra Bose a ‘Youth Fest’  “Together We Can” was organized at Dnyanada English School.  This festival was based on the inculcation of moral values among young Dnyanadians.  Alongwith academics at Dnyanada inculcation of moral values like being co-operative , honest , having self control , having integrity etc. is stressed observation of students of step IX was done on the basis of moral values exhibited by students. From amongst the 135 students ,three students were selected to be part of the ‘Question Answer session’ as final analysis of the observations done throughout the year.

This final analysis was done by chief guest and counsellor Dr Nidhi Navandar with a review from the parents of Aditya Ghodki , Geetanjali Gawande and Avani Ranade  alongwith their wards. The programme included question and answer session inspirational skits and videos and many anecdotes  from the experiences of everyone in the school.

FinallyAvani Ranade was awarded the ‘Youth of the year’ award.

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