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  1. The School is a CBSE affiliated. AFFILIATION NO. 1130438.
  2. All Student are expected to be present  at school campus  as per the time table prescribed by the school.
  3. Prayer must be said with respect , devotion and discipline.
  4. Every student  must  have a copy of his/her   school diary  and I card  with him/her and must bring it to the school every day.
  5. The School stresses on punctuality, regular attendance & discipline.
  6. Politeness & Good Manners will be expected from all student amongst each other & towards all members of staff.
  7. Obedience to instruction given by teachers & other members of staff is essential.
  8. Discipline is an integral part of the learning process.
  9. The School  lays as much emphasis on character formation as on excellence in all school subjects.
  10. Students must help to keep the school premises, including toilets  clean & pleasant.
  11. Only English should be spoken within the school premises.
  12. While moving to Class and from class to class,  pupils should march silently in line.
  13. Student should have respect for school property. They should not damage school furniture/ write or draw on the walls/ scratch or spoil desks or chairs. Avoid wastage of drinking water and also  keep toilets
  14. Playing in the class room is prohibited .
  15. Any damage to school property will have to be compensated either individually or in common.
  16. Nobody should damage  things which belong to other students .
  17. The school will not be  responsible for goods lost. It is not allowed to bring valuables ( like expensive watches, gold ornaments etc.) to school.  If brought, may  be confiscated.
  18. Parents and Guardians of the student should contact the teachers on the Parent Teacher  Meeting days  only to  know  the progress of their wards.
  19. Attendance on the first day of school after long holidays like summer , Diwali , Christmas is compulsory, Grades are given for the attendance. Prior permission for absence on the first day after holiday must be obtained even if the child is sick.

For 100% attendance of the student, attendance on parent teacher meeting  day is also   taken in to consideration.

  1. Physical education is compulsory for all the students.
  2.  Though  physical punishment is not allowed to be given in the school by teachers or any member of the  The school may detain  the students  after   school  hours  as a means to correct a student’s  behaviour  in  the area such as punctuality, politeness,  disobedience & truthfulness.
  3. In case any parent desires to meet Principal/ Vice- principal for any matter, he/she may do so by taking prior appointment.