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Friendship is something which cant be described in words, it is the feeling about someone which is more special to us. Everyone has friend. But some of them is special for whom we are ready to give  up our life. For me friends are candle in dark. Means the real friends are those who comes with us or stand with us in danger situations. Friends are joy, help and motivation to us.

Friendship is not about ‘SORRY’

It’s about ‘Sari galati teri hai.’

Friendship is not about ‘thanks’

It’s all about “Koie ehsaan nahi kiya mujhpe”


My friends are my smile, my heart, my style, my attitude & my life. Friendship comes and goes like the wave on ocean but real ones stay like soul to us. I have my besties here, with whom I gained knowledge, I lose my secrets, I handover my all dreams and my life to them.

Friendship is not a status , it’s a word which tells us or relishes us from our world. When we are with our friends, we forget everything and just hangover with them.

Friends, thank you for being in my life and bring lots of happiness to me.


Love you yaav… Stay with me always…

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