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Dnyanadians win accolades at the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition

In the CBSE organized a Regional level science exhibition at St. Arnold Central school Wadgaon Sheri, Pune on dated 6th and 7th Dec 2022 , under different Seven themes such as
1.Transport and innovation,
2. Eco-friendly material, 3. Mathematics around us,
4. Health and cleanliness, 5. Historical development with current innovation, 6.Environment concern, 7.Advancement in Information and communication.
In this exhibition 84 schools participated. Every school presented 2 exhibits from 2 categories. Categories were made as grade 6 to 8 and grade 9 to 12. Dnyanada English School also participated in this exhibition to present two exhibits from two different themes such as Eco friendly material and Advancement in Information and communication.
Natural A.C. was made by Bhakti Raju Ghatol and Avani Sharad Patil and mentor teacher was Yogesh Panditrao Anwekar.
From Advancement in information and communication Aayush Amit Shingre and Abha Anant Naphde made Face Detector Lock and mentor Teacher was Kalpana Diwakar. For 2022 – 23 Aayush and Abha secured first prize in the second category.

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