CBSE has formed a Hub of Learning (HoL) for a better exchange of resources among neighborhood schools. To promote and encourage education programmes between schools in different dimensions Scholastic, Co-Curricular Activities, Sports, Music, and Dance.

                The purpose of Hubs of learning is collaborative growth, promoting self-improvement, and for ensuring the enhancement of the quality of education. It is, therefore, important for schools to learn from each other and partner with each other to augment their self-improvement.  

                 Under HoL, all the schools in the same area will share their resources. The resources will comprise intellectual and physical resources. Schools, under HoL, will share teachers, sports grounds, labs etc. Since the schools are sharing their resources so the activities will include interchange of academic material, curriculum planning and other academic activities. The schools in the HoL will share the best practices being followed in their schools.

Sr. No.School NameName of the Principal
1.Stepping Stone School  
2.Dnyanada English School  
3Kendriya Vidyalaya  
4Winchester English  school