Welcome to an Educational Institution that aims to set a benchmark for others. DNYANADA ENGLISH SCHOOL is promoted by ‘Radhakrishna Foundation’ established in 2010.
The school looks to providing an education that promotes intellectual freedom, teaches children to live in harmony and to appreciate the diversity of our cultures and communities. This education system would develop within the child, the full range of human capacities, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual. It would be an education that would instill a thirst for knowledge and foster a desire for excellence.
In a nutshell, it is DNYANADA’S goal to evolve into a true Learning centre whose students will be enabled to fly on the wings of excellence.
We believe in the Right to Education and hence admissions are given without any discrimination of religion, caste or race, place of birth or any of them.
At DNYANADA, the state language MARATHI is introduced from Preprimary classes.



Dnyanada  has received from the Central Board of Secondary Education the Provisional Affiliation for Secondary School Examination of the Board for a period of five years w.e.f. 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2028. Affiliation no is 1130438.



Key Personnel: Mrs. Anita Shidhaye (Coordinator)
Graduate from Delhi University. She is having rich experience of about 35 years in education field at Aurangabad. She is well known for quality education and as a strict discipliner. She has experience of working at St. Lawarence High School, St. Meera High School and more than 10 years experience as an administrator at SBOA Public School, Aurangabad. Worked for 3 years in Swaym Siddh (Mentally challenged Children’s School ) wrote book for them. Worked with Usha Mahajan madam for Janarath conducted workshops for preprimary schools.

Mrs.Mamta Jaiswal (Principal)
Mrs. Mamta Jaiswal (M.A. M.Ed) joined Dnyanada English School in June 2010 as the principal. Prior to joining DES she served as a teacher for 22 years in convent and public school. She began her career in education as primary teacher in Nasik in the year 1988. In her long journey she has served in various positions as co-coordinator and HOD of Social Science department. Since 12 years she is holding the post of principal at DES and manages the day-to-day activities   in the school. As a head of administration she ensures the progress of students and teachers.



We will constantly try to create a perfect environment in which to impart holistic education to the child. We envision an encouraging and understanding learning environment where everyone demonstrates a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.



We aim at nurturing our students into men and women, who will be leaders of distinction, committed to the spirit of excellence, through high-quality education imparted by experienced and caring teachers, building strong virtues while focusing on all-round development, creativity and entrepreneurship.
We also aim to provide student with a developmentally appropriate education that emphasizes high academic and social expectations.



Building Leadership: At Dnyanada English School, we believe in building leadership skills by developing each child’s individuality and discovering their potential leadership programmes at the school level to make children confident and ready for challenges. These programmes focus at making children independent decisions makers and problem solver and developing emotional intelligence.

Life Long Learning

Children are taught to be lifelong learners so that can adapt creativity for meeting the demands of the future. We impact 21st century skills and encourage them to be flexible in their thinking so that they know how to keep learning continually throughout their life.

Education is innovation

We believe that change is constant. Things relevant today may not be so in the future. Hence we are committed to constant innovation in our educational programmes to keep pace with changing realities.

Every Stakeholder Counts

At Dnyanada English School, we understand that our success depends on the knowledge, creativity & motivation of stakeholders students, teachers, parents & community. Respect, empathy & transparency in all our interactions with our stakeholder are crucial for us.

What’s in the name?

Dnyanada School gets its name from Goddess Saraswati where knowledge is imparted to one & all. The name Dnyanada gives us desire for creative & artistic expression in an original way.
Dnyanada creates the urge to be Versatile & Ambitious.8