You are currently viewing Genius minds Science Exhibition ” Wonders Of Sci-Zone 24 ‘

Genius minds Science Exhibition ” Wonders Of Sci-Zone 24 ‘

Embarked on a botanical journey Dnyanadians unveiled the wonders of science at our School Science Day exhibition held at DES. Blossoming minds from all grades formulated n showcased captivating experiments and innovative projects, transforming the campus into a vibrant garden of knowledge.
The distinguished judges on the Science exhibition were Mrs. Sushila Rani ma’am from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar,
Mrs. Jyoti Mishra ma’am, Mr. Faruk Siddiqui from Winchester International school Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, the CBSE hubs of learning group schools to encourage sharing of learning practices and Mr. Malhar Ashtaputre sir from whom dnyanadians are taking lessons in Robotics and Coding.
The projects in the exhibition with a wide range, touched all walks of life: From navigation sticks for blinds with AI to Rainwater harvesting and Drip irrigation i.e. global to local, the viewers were motivated to satisfy their queries and gain knowledge.
The judges in their speech presented special features and directed dnyanadians with their outlook and practical approaches of science in diurnal life.
The School Principal Mrs. Mamta Jaiswal ma’am while addressing had given importance to imbibe the innovative scientific approach, thinking critically and finding solution for problems among the dnyanadians with the key words inquiry and discovery.
Science exhibition is the first step towards it.
Yellow House organised the exhibition in celebrating the fragrance of curiosity and the bloom of scientific exploration!

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