Student “Appraisal Day ” at Dnyanada

The student ‘Appraisal Day’ was organized at Dnyanada English School Pokhari by the Blue House.
The Appraisal Day event began with Saraswati Vandana by Mr. Swapnil Shire music teacher. The programme was introduced by Mrs. Rajeshree Shingare , she made the parents aware about the significance of the event and narrated a few anecdotes. The programme hosted by Mrs. Shalini Thakur, Mrs. Smita Salunke and Mrs. Ashwini Chimne was organized for felicitation of students from Step 1 to Step 8 showing exemplary qualities like, punctuality, perseverance, neatness, cooperation, honesty, diligence, courtesy, kindness and the like. The students received appraisal and gifts from their class teachers, who described their commendable work in their class activities. This programme was organized under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Mamta Jaiswal and House Mistress of Blue House Mrs. Nikita Sakhare.

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