Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebration was organised at DNYANADA ENGLISH SCHOOL POKHARI by Yellow House and students of Step 4 and Step 8.
The programme began by the worship of Lord Krishna by dignitaries present School Secretary Mr.N.K.Joshi, Administrator Mrs.Anita Shidhaye, Co-ordinator Mrs.Manisha Joshi, Trustee Mrs. Shaila Joshi and Principal Mrs.Mamta Jaiswal. The Guests on this occasion were welcomed by presenting them T-Shirts screen painted with the programme theme by students of Step 8 under the guidance of our Drawing teacher Mr. Nikhil Raut, who conducted this activity specially for this event. The programme included the dramatic presentation of the life of Lord Krishna as a child by students of Step 4 and Step 8. The students also presented dances depicting the various ‘Leela’s’ of Lord Krishna . The programme concluded with the “Dahi Handi” , wherein students from Step 4 formed pyramids to break the DahiHandi they were guided by our P.T. teachers Mrs. Usha Salampure and Mr. Nilesh Shukla . The programme was hosted by the English Committee Member Sanskruti Dabhade and Renuka Khebde from Step 8.The Dhol Tasha was played in the background for Dahi Handi by Step 10 students.The programme was conceptualized by Yellow House Mistress Mrs. Sangita Pathak. The students were overjoyed with this celebration and they chanted the slogan “Hathi Ghoda Palkhi Jai Kanhaiyya Laal Ki” that enlivened the School atmosphere.

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