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Maths Fiesta : the Pi-thons

Maths Fiesta’ at Dnyanada English School was organised to mark the birth anniversary of the Great Mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan. In a vibrant celebration of National Mathematics Day on 22nd December a “Maths Fiesta” recently took place, featuring a unique approach to education. Six shops, including Grocery, Milk, Cloth, Stationery, Fruit, and Vegetables, were set up to illustrate mathematical concepts through real-world scenarios.

Students of Step 1st and Step 6th engaged in hands-on learning, exploring concepts like kilograms, grams, centimeters, meters, liters, milliliters, and currency conversions. The market yard setup provided a practical understanding of these mathematical principles in a lively and interactive manner.

This innovative event aimed to make mathematics more accessible and enjoyable by linking abstract concepts to everyday experiences. Participants had the opportunity to grasp mathematical ideas in a tangible way, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject. The Maths Fiesta was a resounding success, demonstrating the effectiveness of creative and practical approaches to education.
The guests of honour for Maths Fiesta were School Trustee Mr. Hrushikesh Joshi and Co-ordinator Mrs. Manisha Joshi.
It was organised by Red House teachers with the help of red house mistress Rajeshri Jadhav under the guidance of Principal Mrs.Mamta Jaiswal ma’am.

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